Frequently Asked Questions

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How does The Vault help a child in growth?

How does The Vault take care of child’s safety?

The Vault doors remain locked at all times; parents ring the doorbell for entry and all children receive a temperature reading at check-in.  


  • • Multiple hand-washing stations with antibacterial soap and sanitizers  

  • • All desks, chairs, computer stations are sanitized between sessions  

  • • Small groups of 6-10 children per session. Air filtration machine onsite.  

  • • Masks optional – based on parent preference  

  • • CPR certified staff member on hand at all times  

  • • Supervised use of computers, iPads, and Oculus VR with parental preferences adhered to on a child-by-child basis   

  • • All staff on site are fully vaccinated against Covid-19  

  • • Lockers are available for children to store books, snacks, headsets, etc

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